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Why Saniservice?

Because ordinary cleaning and maintenance companies are not trained and equipped to clean the inner most crevices of your AC system. Only Saniservice can guarantee you a Clean and healthy indoor air. We show you the actual state of your system before cleaning and submit to you a full comprehensive report of our result! If it's not Saniservice, then most probably your AC system has not been thoroughly cleaned. Because only Saniservice goes deep into your AC's evaporator coils, blower, drainage tray, drainage pipe, and ducting. So why trust simple a cleaning company or a maintenance company to clean and disinfect your home or office AC system? Get a FREE AC Inspection (+an inspection report) from the experts today! Call 800-SANI today or fill up the form below this page now!


We clean what ordinary cleaning company or maintenance company cannot!.

Eco Friendly

We use a petented water based disinfectant that is deadly against bacterias but does not harm you in any way.


The only company in Dubai that gives a Service guarantee, becuase we know how to totally clean and disinfect a full AC system!

Our Work

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We clean and disinfect ducts preventing mould growth.


We totally eliminate dust from your ducting.


Only Saniservice can guarantee deep duct cleaning.

About Saniservice

Saniservice is a Swiss managed company providing deep duct cleaning and disinfection of AC units since 2009. We were the first company in Dubai to acquire the “Disinfection” license making us the pioneer in the field.

Our highly trained and well equipped technicians reflect the perfection that Saniservice always strives for, assuring you that when you commission us to clean and disinfect your ducting system, we mean business.


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Dubai Duct Cleaning Company

The Importance of Having the Best for Homes and Offices


Dubai is such a good country. It has beautiful spots. The world is on the look now with the next things this country can offer its people and the other citizens from other countries. There are lots of people who wanted to live in Dubai because they know that in a few years, it will become one of the biggest countries in the world. Shopping malls is giving a good completion over the other malls from the giant countries. You see how life is made easier in such a short period. It is one of the richest countries in the world through its oil deposit. One of its set-back is being surrounded by desert land. It is a good thing that it was developed but sandstorm does not spare your home from being affected by it. Offices and other establishments need also to hire the best in cleaning air ducts.

The best Dubai Duct Cleaning Company is just a click away from your computer or phone. The internet offers you a list but it is good if you hire the services of the best Dubai Duct Cleaning Company. Maybe you are not so familiar of the points you should consider in choosing one. Your busy schedule does not allow you to review their best deals. You have hired other cleaning company but you were not satisfied with their works. It was not a big deal for you. But you now feel the effects of the poor services they gave your home.

The following will help you choose the best Dubai Duct Cleaning Company

  • Be sure that the company you choose is licensed.
  • Ask your friends or relatives for referrals.
  • Check carefully if the people assigned to your home are well-trained.
  • Ask for their identification.
  • Check the documents issued by the company.

Be sure of the work the people assigned to your home are well-defined and done the proper way. It is better if they have the checklist for you to check that every part is cleaned and returned back to its proper way. Make it sure that everything are carefully handled.

  • Registers and returns
  • Heat exchangers
  • Good supply of air
  • Cooling and heating coils
  • Grills and diffusers
  • Fan motor and housing
  • Unit housing
  • Drip pans

It is important that the Dubai Duct Cleaning Company you hire is easy to get in touch with. Its website should offer an easy operation for quick search, inquiry and appointment. Commitment matters and that is also one of the things you should consider. The company must be true to its commitment of the scheduled visit and service. It must be honest in dealing with you from the first step, to the details of the services and the fee agreed upon. Do not let your home suffer from the negative effects a dirty duct gives you. Your health is important to your family. Choose the best Dubai Duct Cleaning Company to have worry-free life!




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